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Cultural processes in Europe

The Jean Monnet Chair takes part in a taught course at the University of Copenhagen with a 2-ECTS credit module within the subject Cultural Processes in Europe. The aim of the subject is to pass on to the students a body of knowledge about Europe's cultural characteristics and their variations. In order to achieve this, different viewpoints from which Europe has been envisaged throughout history are explored, as well as the historical conditions that allow us to perceive Europe as a reality and as a geographical and political phenomenon. Also, the Old Continent is studied from the standpoint of the History of Ideas and according to an ethnographic approach. In view of all this, core topics in this module will be the self-research that arises out of a contact with 'the Other', and the cultural processes which have shaped Europeans: the Enlightenment, Romanticism, boundary-settings, migrations, musealisation, nationalities, regionalisation and globalisation. Thus, special attention is paid both to the different communities which the EU comprises and to the differences between them, in order to understand the cultural processes which shape the living and symbolic space of the great European experiment.

The subject will be taught in Danish

PLACE: University of Copenhagen, Institute of Cultural Sciences and European Ethnology (Denmark).
DATES: 2/2014 - 7/2014.
INTENDED FOR: Students registered for the Degree in European Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen.

Within this collaboration framework, a group of students from the University of Copenhagen will travel to Murcia in April 2012 in order to carry out a series of activities as a way of introduction to fieldwork. These activities will be coordinated by Salvador Cayuela (appointed researcher for the Jean Monnet Chair), and will cover topics such as: the welfare state; fishing and agriculture in Murcia; migratory movements; urban groups and associations, etc. Completion of these activities involves recognition of 2 extra ECTS credits.


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