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Current Status and Prospects for Cutlural Sciences in Europe and the Mediterranean

Europe has undergone important changes in the last few decades; these profound transformations have led to the rise of new questions within social and cultural sciences. The concepts and tools in use up until now have not proved efficient enough to understand the complexity of the new cultural, social, political and economic processes. Classical paradigms, like that of 'society' for example, are now called into question, in a new world interconnected and shaped by people who live in a nomad universe. New information technologies now connect social and cultural elements which were absolutely unknown so far, elements that require new ways of thinking and understanding.

The Lecture Series Current Status and Prospects for Cultural Sciences in Europe and in the Mediterranean, organised by the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Murcia, aims at providing a framework for discussion and a way in which social and cultural sciences can explore these questions. A thorough exploration of political, social and cultural processes in our times along these lines is absolutely necessary in order to understand the elements which constitute our presence.

On the basis of this insight, this lecture series tries to provide an opportunity for several renowned social scientists from different institutions to share in an open and multidisciplinary discussion.

The lectures were delivered either in English (with consecutive or simultaneous translation into Spanish), or in Spanish. They will be published in 2013.


Albrecht Lehmann (Bad Sachsa, Germany):
Anthropology and Narratology. Narratives about Europe.

Luis Alvarez Munarriz (Murcia):
Cultural traits of today's society.

Klaus Schriewer (Murcia):
The legacy of disciplinary history. The difficult relationship between Social Anthropology and European Anthropology.

Wolfgang Kaschuba (Berlin):
Reading the European City: Urban Ethnology in and of Berlin

Thomas Hojrup (Copenhagen):
From lifemodes to stateforms - working with the epistemological break.

Galia I. Valtchinova (Toulouse)
Religious Revivals in the Postsocialist Balkans: Mapping the new religious landscape.

Victoria A. Goddard (London)
Work and livelihoods in a changing Europe – lessons from a critical anthropology of the Mediterranean.

Christian Giordano (Fribourg)
The Comparative Anthropology of Political Cultures in Europe: Legitimacy, Informality, Trust and Personalized Networks – Mediterranean and Balkan Parallels.


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