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The Jean Monnet Chair  and its collaborators

The Jean Monnet Chair counts on a number of collaborating institutions, both privately- and state-funded. It is thanks to them that the launching and smooth running of a great part of the Chair’s activities and outcomes are possible.

Among those collaborators a first and special mention must be made of the project-inspiring institution, the European Union  itself, which awarded the chair to its current holder and allowed for the necessary initial thrust in the development of the project.
The Chair also counts at an international level with collaborators among the most prestigious universities of Continental Europe: The University of Basel (Switzerland), The University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and The EMUNI University (Slovenia). At this point, the support of these universities allows the Chair to expand its actions and outcomes beyond national boundaries, in accordance with the European spirit on which its inspiration is grounded.

At the national and regional levels in Spain, the Chair counts as a first and most important collaborator on The University of Murcia, regarding specially the lines of action provided by this university within the framework of the ‘Mare Nostrum’ Campus of International Excellence.

Likewise, our project counts on essential support from the private sector. Among these important collaborators, special mention must be made of the support given by the Seneca Foundation  (Region of Murcia Science and Technology Agency), for the running of the various Lecture Series and for the written publication of outcomes; as well as of the committed involvement of the Caja Murcia Foundation in the organisation of the various Lecture Series planned by the Chair.


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